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Palet Express: Simple, we love our job

Palet Express is a shuttle for projects and ideas, a magnet for talent and technologies, all based on our spaces, style and a different environment. A way of working that allows talented professionals and entrepreneurs, small businesses and multinational employees from different sectors to share the same workspace, both physical virtually and to develop their professional projects in an independently or collaboratively way as they want.

An easy way to explain Palet Express is thinking in a global talent spaces for digital professionals, start-ups and multinational employees with own spaces and our associates in other spaces around the worls.

For us it is not only about the space but to be in a place to share events, experiences, knowledge, customers, providers, projects and ideas, and the possibility to move from one station to another.

We envision this as a place where different professionals share space, complementing each others skills and knowledge. We want to provide space that encourages collaboration between companies.

We help companies grow by putting them together with interdisciplinary and multicultural teams.

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